Drake brings his laptop as a date to the Raptors game, online betting

Drake came prepared on the sidelines the other night.

Drake is by far the most famous Toronto Raptors fan in the world. During his time as the team’s ambassador, he’s spent many games sitting pitchside, and he usually always has a friend by his side to make the whole effort that much more interesting. Unfortunately, there are games where Drake has to do things solo because he just can’t find that special plus one to make his night complete.

Just a few nights ago, Drake found himself at the Raptors Vs. Heat game, where the Raptors ended up winning the W. Turns out it was one of those nights when the Canadian entertainer couldn’t find a friend to go with, and in the end, that led to a pretty creative night.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

As you can see in the Instagram story below, Drake decided to use his extra seat for his laptop. While watching the game, Drake was also playing online, which seemed like a really good time. After all, online gambling has exploded in recent years, especially with the invention of cryptography. That said, Drake hasn’t revealed exactly whether or not he’s capable of making the money. As we all know, gambling usually results in more losses than winnings.


Image via Drake

Hopefully for Drake, it was a fruitful evening that saw his fortunes fortified, rather than depleted. The Raptors win certainly helped to mitigate the losses on the roulette table.

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