Game Space launches Merge Bird on its GameFi-as-a-Service (GaaS) platform

play area is proud to announce the release of Merge Bird on its GameFi-as-a-Service (GaaS) platform. Merge Bird is a chain version of the once popular game “Flappy Bird”. Game Space chose it as the first channel release to honor the tenth anniversary of “Flappy Bird”.

Game Space will also be offering AirDrop 500 bird NFTs to the community from May 9-12. Users can participate in the Merge Bird NFT airdrop event and receive huge prizes by being in the top 1000 of the leaderboards. Users should not miss this amazing event. JTo find out how to join the whitelisted event, go to:

Game Space Wallet app and Merge Bird game are available on IOS and Android. Users can also download Game Space Wallet app and Merge Bird game through Game Space official website at

About the play space

Game Space publishes games on its GameFi-as-a-Service platform. It can help game companies and AAA titles release on-chain features within days with their built-in SDK, as well as an NFT transaction engine that can be embedded in games, which can help GameFi projects to shorten the launch time by half an hour. year and significantly reduce the entry threshold for game companies on Web3.

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