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During and after the demo of each game, the players present had a lot to say about them. They commented on countless features and mechanics of each game, such as whether the control wheel was beneficial or not, whether the story was engaging enough, how well thought out the puzzles were, whether the games animations were well done, and how good voice acting was in games that used it. The most critical talking point was how much the game actually gave the player to do. Of course, adventure games that allow you to interact with various objects, to learn more about this world and more about the lore, can be interesting. However, it makes all the difference if the game can achieve this while giving the player more to do while living the story, such as solving puzzles, finding clues, and making decisions that affect the outcome of the plot. The “adventure” part is fun, but a developer cannot forget the “game” part.

Seeing these demos played and hearing this feedback is hugely beneficial for the budding adventure game developer. You could learn a lot about what people are looking for in their adventure games by attending events like this. It is also a nice event for those who are not looking to develop their own game. Those who just find it fun to play adventure games would definitely like to attend this type of event. It was nice just hanging out with other gamers, playing adventure games, chatting about them and joking about what’s going on in the games. That’s ultimately how I feel about Buffalo Game Space in general. It’s both hugely beneficial for local indie game developers and fun for gamers to meet others with similar hobbies.

I thought the Point & Click Adventure game topic was particularly interesting because of the latest news about Telltale Games. Telltale Games was an award-winning video game company specializing in adventure games, in which the player made choices that greatly affected the plot. They have created some of the best Point & Click games of all time, such as ​The Walking Dead,​ ​Batman, the Telltale series, Tales from the Borderlands and ​The Wolf Among Us.​ They have developed games based on clearly known franchises, like Batman, and fans took to them as well-made new Hollywood movies. With their clever storytelling and unique gameplay, Telltale Games have revolutionized the adventure game genre. Just a few months ago, Telltale Games shut down due to lack of funding and laid off hundreds of employees. The world of adventure games has taken a huge hit. Telltale Games has certainly left its mark on the adventure genre, and their departure has left fans rather gloomy. It’s inspiring to see an event at Buffalo Game Space that allows these fans to share their passion – that they’re always willing to look for new ways to push the genre forward despite a major game company’s inability to adventure to stay active.

Events like this Adventure Gaming Roundtable are both entertaining and informative, and I’d love to see more of it for other genres of gaming hosted at the Buffalo Game Space. If you’re an indie game developer in Western New York, I suggest you keep up to date with events Buffalo Game Space has planned for the future.

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