New role-playing game “Space Misfits” – Game mechanics

Space Misfits is a futuristic massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that offers players the opportunity to enjoy a Play-to-Earn (P2E) model through in-game mechanics built with ENJIN Blockchain technology.

The game allows players to enjoy 5 different game modes with their own distinctive mechanics:

Play a role

Space Misfits players will be able to choose between a wide range of in-game roles. Some of the available roles are:

  • Miners who harvest minerals from asteroids
  • Builders who create in-game assets and sell in the marketplace
  • NPC hunters who fight in an open space and claim the loot.

Each player’s role gives them the opportunity to earn in-game rewards. To purchase in-game assets, players will need to earn BITS by fulfilling their role in the metaverse.


This game mode allows players to embark on excursions into the Space Misfits universe. The rogue-like gameplay offers players a flying experience with procedurally generated levels.

A player must pass through space gates to enter a new system and complete tasks to progress through each level. This gameplay can be completed solo or with other players.

Rewards increase as players progress through the game. Players are faced with the decision of whether to keep progressing through levels by collecting more rewards or forfeiting their progress to return the rewards they have collected .

If a player loses their ship in this game mode, all rewards, including their ship, will be lost.

PvP Arena

This mode aims to integrate eSports into Space Misfits given the growing popularity of eSports.

Players can place bets on their matches using in-game currency and get rewards for their performance in the arena.

Player Arena will support up to 5 vs 5 matches.


Space Misfits doesn’t aim to be an ultra-realistic space flight simulator.

The team wants to provide players with a fast and fun space gaming experience. With a cockpit view or a 3rd person camera view outside the ship, players will be able to participate in a more enjoyable aerial combat experience.

During combat, players will be able to execute high-speed maneuvers in space to avoid enemy attacks as they have full control of their ships. Players can also use objects such as space asteroids and structures to avoid incoming missiles.

Security areas

The Misfits control and protect the game’s 7 systems.

Players will have to wait until Season 3 to be able to move freely and PVP in the uncharted space outside of the 7 systems.

The Roving Patrol was created by the Misfits to protect space from pirates inside the 7 systems. If a player engages another player inside all 7 systems, Misfit Patrols will seek out the attacker and destroy them immediately. A penalty will be applied to this player and the NPC patrol will continue to search and destroy them for a period of time.

Friendly fire was blocked for early development builds, which prevents players from shooting another player character inside Space Misfits.

New features and security checks will be implemented with the release of Season 3 to discourage this behavior across all 7 systems.

Visit the official website and download the game to start playing:

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