Surgeon in the operating room and on stage, graduated from LSU medical school excels in the music scene

BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Levin Fairchild, of Gonzales, lives his life to the fullest in medicine and music.

Fairchild attended LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine between 2017 and 2021.

After graduating, the new doctor traveled to Chattanooga, Tennessee, for his surgical residency.

You could say that Fairchild also has a doctorate in music.

The Gonzales native has always known he wanted to be a doctor for as long as he can remember, and specifically a surgeon. Fairchild says everything he did throughout his life was to prepare him for this.

Music, however, has been a real love and hobby for him ever since he started learning and watching my paw and maw sing and play.

It turns out that Fairchild is related to a famous musician who is the lead singer and creator of Na Na Sha.

Na Na Sha is “a group that has been together and performed in the south for over 50 years, according to Fairchild.

You can still see Na Na Sha at private events and sometimes Fairchild will play with the band and his grandfather, Pat Sanchez.

Fairchild has its own group named SteelHouse.

The musician says he continues to create and write music on a daily basis and spends a lot of his free time on call writing new music and keeping in touch with his Nashville producer about the new songs that we will work on next.

When he’s not minding his music, Fairchild spends 80 to 100 hours in the hospital.

For now, Fairchild does general surgery but will likely specialize in the future.

Fairchild recently released their first song, titled “The Night that Got Away”.

The budding artist says he released the song while on call room duty between surgeries and hasn’t stopped since.

Fairchild has released three more songs and each title he says is about the song and the experience.

For example, the story behind Fairchild’s first song can be found below:

The Night That Got Away was written about one night after a gig on Bourbon where a girl walked into the bar I was playing at and she looked exactly like I’m describing her. She sang and danced with her friends and all the guys that worked there and my buddies were talking about her because she was the prettiest in the room. Of course, she danced near the stage to “Sweet Caroline” and had fun with her friends. Well, obviously none of the guys or anyone approached her and talked to her or got her name. So after the night was over, we went back to my guitarists and reminisced about the night. We talked about her and said “man, the night has gone” – none of these guys had even spoken to her or knew who she was. How often does this happen? To both men and women. So I wrote a song about it.

The Gonzales native has been writing music since he was 12 and has nearly 100 original and complete songs.

Fairchild spent part of his musical career on Bourbon St. in New Orleans.

The musician says he played at “the House of the Rising Sun”, now called “The Hideout Bar” and the “Bourbon Street Drinkery”.

You may remember that a few years ago a horse was seen entering a bar in New Orleans while a band was playing “Old Town Road”.

Well, Fairchild was playing in the band when all of this happened.

Fairchild plays guitar, piano, bass guitar and drums/percussion.

The Gonzales native went to East Ascension High School and graduated as a Salutatorian.

Fairchild sees himself as a new country artist with a love for everything from Frank Sinatra to Drake.

That love showed up in Baton Rouge.

Fairchild describes his stay in the capital thus:

My stay in Baton Rouge was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I loved LSU. I was at every football game and spent days between classes laying on the beautiful parade ground by the bell tower or riding a quad or late at night in the library with so many friends I will never forget . I absolutely loved playing music around town and across the state for all these years, literally hundreds and thousands of gigs. My time in medical school was also one of the best times of my life. I met some of my lifelong friends who spent hundreds of hours a week in class and studied until the morning hours every day to take huge tests every 6 to 8 weeks and then go out and have fun. fun with everyone.

Fairchild is often asked, how are you doing as a surgical resident and still performing and pursuing music?

The artist and doctor simply says, “I love it” and honestly, I’m losing sleep because it’s something I love more than sleep.

So the future of Fairchild likely holds more coffee, 12-14 hour days and 28 hour nights at home.

Fairchild hopes to one day hear one of his songs on the radio, but even if that never happens, the musician and doctor says he is happy and blessed for the experience of doing this and the support I have already received. .

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