Take Back Paradise As Turbo Overkill Gets An Early Access Launch – GameSpace.com

Apogee Entertainment just launched its first new FPS IP in 25 years, and players can jump into Turbo Overkill right now.

Available as an early access launch on PC, via the Steam Store, Turbo Overkill returns to the heart of what Apogee Entertainment does best. The team that includes pioneers behind titles like Wolfenstein 3D, Duke Nukem and Prey have unleashed a new blend of retro aesthetics and modern graphics in a heart-pounding action-adventure FPS.

With an emphasis on lightning-fast moves, Turbo Overkill enters Early Access with eight dense, multi-layered stages. These areas are all part of a battle to reclaim the cyberpunk hellscape of Paradise. A rogue AI has taken over taking over thousands of augmented bodies and it’s up to him to fight his way to a solution.

Along the way, this unlikely hero will use chainsaw legs, arm rockets, and tons of other upgrades to wreak havoc. Along with character upgrades and explosive action, launch is packed with tons of secret areas to explore using frenetic stunts and a very useful grappling hook gun.

It all looks like a mash-up of Apex Legends turned into a neon hue of Quake, and we’re in on it. If you are too, check out the official website now for more info or jump in and shoot something via the official Steam Store Page. Turbo Overkill is available through Steam Early Access now for $19.99

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