The fan-made Snake mini-game stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate looks like explosive fun

Introducing Nikita Weave War

We’ve seen Tekken Beach Volleyball, we’ve seen Rose Ball from Street Fighter 4, but a brand new Super Smash Bros. Custom Stage. Ultimate seems to be a new favorite for the coolest fighting game minigame title.

A Reddit user by the name of xzAsiankidzx released Nikita Weave War in the wild, and the only reason we’re taking this short break to blast ourselves mercilessly is to tell you about it.

See Snake on screen in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate these days is generally cause for trepidation (unless, of course, you’re the one using him) as he’s often seen as the current top dog on the 70+ character roster. If xzAsiankidzx’s new in-game take off takes off like we expect, we might not feel as inclined to hate this often frustrating fighter.

Nikita Weave War pits two snakes against each other on opposite sides of a maze-like map of lava platforms, with both players standing above a bomb crate that will send them flying their death if they explode. Snake’s Guided Rocket Launcher, aka the Nikita, is the weapon of choice here as players attempt to send rockets through a series of channels in hopes of detonating the opponent’s bomb crate .

Rotating roadblocks near the goals keeps things interesting as competitors will need to time their rockets to clear the way when they reach that final area. Players can either take turns trying to successfully navigate their explosive projectiles, or they can simultaneously dash and attempt to stop each other from advancing by shooting down incoming rockets.

To ensure participants arrive at their respective platforms after spawning, the creator has included a Donkey Kong blast barrel system that will take you where you need to go. We’ve taken some screenshots of this awesome stage so you can get an idea of ​​what it looks like and plays out.

Nikita Weave War picture #1

Nikita Weave War picture #2

Nikita Weave War picture #3

Click on images for larger versions

You can see a full game of Nikita Weave War by heading to xzAsiankidzx’s reddit post. You’ll more than likely want the download code for NWW once you’ve checked it out, so search for KQGXLMTW and you’ll be blasting your friends to the realm in no time.

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