There is work in collecting debts.

Good Finance mediators already offer employment for debt collectors. You have to be agile and resistant to stress. It’s hard to talk about coconuts: the salary is a maximum of 2,000 USD. There are not many willing yet, but the number of indebted citizens is growing.

Field debt collector

Field debt collector – this is the name of workplaces that offer intermediaries in Good Finance. Above all, it requires stress resistance from candidates.

The announcement included in the scope of duties: contacts with the debtor, reminding them of their obligations, and motivating them to pay their debts.

To get to know the details better, we took the role of a person ready to undertake such work and called the recruitment department.

We heard that you don’t need a muscular figure. “At most, you’ll feel more confident,” we were informed. We also learned – which we did not find in the job advertisement – that our duties would include not only contacting debtors but also collecting money from them.

“Usually these are small amounts,” assured the recruiting lady. The work is on a mandate contract. Earnings are a commission on recovered money, a maximum of 2,000  USD per month.

Before the newly-made debt collector goes to the field, he undergoes training organized by the employer. He also provides a list of debtors.

In each of the cities, where we found ads for debt collectors, there are 6 vacancies.

– However, there is not much interest in this work – admits Jade Labus, director of the Good Finance This is new, maybe some are afraid of taking it.

For me, the appearance of a large number of such offers is not a surprise. – We have already got used to the fact that some professions disappear and new ones appear in their place – says Jade Labus. – We are getting into debt more and more easily, and therefore the demand for this type of service will grow …

There are already over 50,000 unreliable debtors in the Good Finance region.


These people, also known as high-risk clients, are people who have over USD 200 in liabilities and have been in arrears for at least 2 months. There are 49 such people per thousand USD. It’s a little less than the national average. During the year, as many as 3,000 got into trouble with debt. new Citizens.

All bad debtors from Good Finance owe USD 799 million to creditors. On average, each of them has to donate 16 thousand. zł. Increased risk clients among seniors. 8,000 Citizens aged over 60 already have a problem with paying their debts on time.

Most outstanding payments are still between several hundred and several thousand dollars. Two out of three unreliable debtors have trouble paying off their liabilities with a total amount of less than USD 5,000. These are mainly small loans or unpaid bills.

– The vast majority of overdue liabilities can be settled thanks to cooperation with creditors, but this requires tightening the belt – emphasizes Marcin Ledworowski from the InfoMonitor Economic Information Bureau, which prepares a detailed report on the Polish debt every quarter.

The National Debt Register together with the Conference of Financial Enterprises has recently conducted surveys, which show that overdue debts are a very big problem for small businesses.

Good Finance economy


And it is on them that the Good Finance economy is largely based. According to GFI data, as many as 63 percent he cannot grow through it. In such companies, almost 27 percent. invoices are overdue by more than 6 months, of which as much as 15 percent of them are not regulated for over a year.

– When I have not been paid for the work done, I cannot make payments to employees – explains Sean Cole, the owner of a small construction company from Good Finance. – These people do not bring home money on time and do not pay the bills themselves. And in this way debts grow …

Unlike large plants, they do not have lawyers who will quickly and efficiently claim overdue money. Large companies are increasingly using the services of debt collection companies, which in turn employ debt collectors.

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