This video game scene adaptation will let you choose the ending

Steins;Door, the popular video game, already has manga, anime, and novel adaptations. The game has had various spinoffs and side stories, including multiple games and a movie (Note to fans: the blu-ray version of the film, which will be released in December, will have English subtitles). Now, Steins;Door gets a stage adaptation.

However, rather than just having a live-action version of the game, in order to spice things up, they make the game interactive, letting the audience choose the outcome of the story.

Title, Living ADV “Steins;Gate”, the play asks audience members to email their cell phones (much like in the original story) at specific times in the play. What the audience chooses will determine the “path” the story takes, making the play a multi-purpose experience.

Bringing different audiences to different ends isn’t necessarily a new idea. In 1985, the movie Index famous had multiple purposes. But in the case of Steins;Doorthe audience will seemingly become an active participant, making their own choices and seeing the outcome, much like in the nature of the original text-adventure game.

To participate, people must register for the automated service “D-MAIL” through the game website, although specific details on exactly how this system works have yet to be announced. At first glance, this feature can only apply to the last stage of the last day. Hopefully the people behind this have thought through all of this and prepared for any setbacks that may arise. For my part, I can only imagine the possible nightmarish scenarios that could occur in a theater where everyone has their cell phone on.

Living ADV “Steins:Gate” will perform from October 12 to 20 at the Zepp Diver City Theater in Tokyo.

El Psy Congroo.

ADV LIVE 「STEINS;DOOR (シュタインズ・ゲート)」 [LIVING ADV 「STEINS;GATE (シュタインズ・ゲート)」]

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