Watch The Fame Game online, Madhuri Dixit makes her OTT debut

thriller series The fame game will premiere on OTT this week, also marking the digital debut of actor Madhuri Dixit. The show’s trailer was released after much anticipation on February 10 and ever since then, people can’t help but wonder where superstar Anamika, played by Dixit, has gone missing.

The story of the series revolves around a megastar and his perfect life on camera and what lies behind it. What happens after Anamika goes missing and long-hidden family secrets are exposed to the world? The show’s trailer also leaves viewers guessing what exactly happened to Anamika, other than who should be held responsible?

Originally the show was called Looking for Anamika but the name has been changed to The fame game later.

So why is the show called The fame game? According to Karan Johar, it is much more than one can expect. The Fame Game shows the emotional graphic that revolves around the life of a movie star. It’s about the faces these stars hide from the camera and the world and the secrets they keep.

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“There’s a lot of glamour, glitz and grandeur attached to the life of a movie star. But what’s behind the curtain? What happens? Behind every movie star is a story you don’t know,” Johar said during the trailer launch.

Watch the fame game online

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Apart from Dixit in the lead, the cast includes Sanjay Kapoor, Manav Kaul, Lakshvir Sarang, Suhasini Mulay, among others. It is directed by Bejoy Nambiar, who has directed films like Wazir, Shaytan and Davidand short filmmaker Karishma Kohli.

On why she signed on to play a mystery superstar on the show, Dixit said, “I loved the script. It’s about fame and what craziness and what happens when there’s fame in your life. This is the story of a woman whose life seems perfect until one day she disappears. So where is she for who is she?


The fame game introduces us to Anamika Anand, who is a superstar, mother, wife and daughter. All is well until she suddenly disappears without any clues. After she does not show up within 48 hours, the police open an investigation into the case. No one is spared, not even his family. According to Anamika’s husband, played by Sanjay Kapoor, everything was fine between the couple, but it seems he was hiding something and their relationship wasn’t as smooth as the couple wanted the world to believe.

It is soon revealed that Anamika was actually having an affair with her co-actor, played by Kaul. As the police continue to uncover secrets about Anamika’s life, her family tries to find a way to contain the damage this investigation could do to Anamika’s reputation and personal life.

The fame game broadcast details

The fame game East program will be released on February 25 on Netflix. People with a valid subscription to the platform can start streaming the series from said date.

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